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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Family Hike

On November 28 we took advantage of the beautiful weather and went for a family hike. I have this fear of having one of my littles being attacked by mountain lions. Perhaps it is because of all the warning signs they post around the hiking trains. It just feeds into my crazy. 
This is one of my favorite sights! Drew is such a great dad.
Lila really wanted a giant sycamore leaf but all of the sycamore trees were out of reach so Drew climbed out on the log to get one for her.
My main motivation for going on a hike when I was 38 weeks pregnant was to induce labor. It did not work! I still had fun though. 

Baby No Mo!!

For the last three years this has been my baby. She is the perfect little sister. She lets her older sister call the shots because she loves to play with Lila. I have really enjoyed the alone time I have had with her while Lila is at school and before the baby is born. We love to play at the park and go to Somecrust for cookies. She begs for Somecrust cookies, which goes to show that we may have an addiction.
Nora is the silliest and loves to play, sing, dance, and sneak treats with mom. 
I remember bringing her home from the hospital and in a flash Lila become so big. I cried because my little Lila was instantly a big kid. I'm a sad for this same thing to happen when the baby comes home. She really is my best little buddy. 

Sunday, January 31, 2016


These two cuties picked their own costumes this year. Nora was Minnie Mouse again and thanks to our friends the Scott's we didn't have to buy another costume this year. Lila wanted to be Queen Amidala because she loves the face paint and lipstick. I think it did a pretty fantastic job on their makeup.
We drove to Glendora to go trick or treating in downtown Glendora with our best buddies the Beery's. Nora fell asleep on the way there and slept for most of it. Her sweet big sister went around trick or treating for herself and Nora. She would explain to each person why she needed two pieces of candy. She was so excited to give it to Nora when she woke up. 
Lila and Kino had fun eating their candy! They are funny little friends they either play so well together or they don't. Haha
Nora loves everyone so she didn't mind sharing her stroller with Jaxon. She loves her little buddy and candy.

The Mask Parade

The mask parade at Lila's school is so fun. Each class has a theme of what they are studying in their class and then they each make a mask. Lila's class has been learning about the classification of mammals, reptiles, amphibians, fish, and birds. I loved seeing all the cute masks. 
Don't mind Lila's fat lip. I can't remember what happened but one of her cousins hit her on accident with something. 

Each class chooses a song to go along with their theme. Lila's class sang "If I could walk like an animal." They each take turns marching around displaying their masks. It was so fun to watch.

Oak Glen

I love that I was able to spend some alone time with this cute girl. She challenges me constantly and I am not always up for it. My mom guilt sets in and I over react or some times I'm just down right rude. I hate when it gets the best of me. I just want this girl to always know how much I freaking love her and how amazing she is but sometimes she makes it really hard to show her. So when I get chances like this to be alone with her I take it. It's in these moments I can really talk with her and accept the challenges she gives me and use those moments to teach instead of react. 
This is field trip number 2!!! We went to Oak Glen.
The little farm we went to had fun animals which Lila absolutely loved! She thought it was pretty fantastic. This kid LOVES animals. 
She didn't enjoy feeding the chickens. It scared her. Not much scares this girl but I was proud that she did it anyways.
The kids also got to make apple cider. They enjoyed taking turns loading the apples and cranking the crank.
Helena was in my group as well. Helena doesn't like animals very much, but on this trip she pet the rabbit. I was super proud of her.

She is a pretty great kid and I'm grateful for all she teaches me.

Nora's field trip

Lila had so many field trips during the first couple months of school and Nora wanted one so badly!

Sleeping Babes

I love taking pictures of my littles sleeping for two reasons one they are so stinking sweet when they are asleep. They don't talk back they are just precious! And two because they either fall asleep in funny places or in funny positions. 
Nora isn't quite ready to relinquish her role as baby of the family. 
Look at that sweet face! She went from screaming at me to being sound asleep in minutes maybe even less.
On this day I couldn't find her, I think we were playing outside. I went looking for her and found her and her "kid" tucked into bed fast asleep.
When ever Lila and Nora sleep in the same bed they end up right on top of each other. When they are awake they don't want to touch each other. 
This was by far my favorite position to stumble across because Nora is completely on top of Lila and neither one is bothered by this.
If they knew they were doing this Lila would freak out she doesn't want to sleep with Nora. Hehe they really do love each other. I think Lila makes a big deal about it because she knows it drives me bonkers. I just want my girls to be best buddies and love each other. They fight constantly but they also love each other and play with each other so well sometimes. It is moments like that they make me mommy heart so happy.