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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Sleeping Babes

I love taking pictures of my littles sleeping for two reasons one they are so stinking sweet when they are asleep. They don't talk back they are just precious! And two because they either fall asleep in funny places or in funny positions. 
Nora isn't quite ready to relinquish her role as baby of the family. 
Look at that sweet face! She went from screaming at me to being sound asleep in minutes maybe even less.
On this day I couldn't find her, I think we were playing outside. I went looking for her and found her and her "kid" tucked into bed fast asleep.
When ever Lila and Nora sleep in the same bed they end up right on top of each other. When they are awake they don't want to touch each other. 
This was by far my favorite position to stumble across because Nora is completely on top of Lila and neither one is bothered by this.
If they knew they were doing this Lila would freak out she doesn't want to sleep with Nora. Hehe they really do love each other. I think Lila makes a big deal about it because she knows it drives me bonkers. I just want my girls to be best buddies and love each other. They fight constantly but they also love each other and play with each other so well sometimes. It is moments like that they make me mommy heart so happy. 

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