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Sunday, January 31, 2016


These two cuties picked their own costumes this year. Nora was Minnie Mouse again and thanks to our friends the Scott's we didn't have to buy another costume this year. Lila wanted to be Queen Amidala because she loves the face paint and lipstick. I think it did a pretty fantastic job on their makeup.
We drove to Glendora to go trick or treating in downtown Glendora with our best buddies the Beery's. Nora fell asleep on the way there and slept for most of it. Her sweet big sister went around trick or treating for herself and Nora. She would explain to each person why she needed two pieces of candy. She was so excited to give it to Nora when she woke up. 
Lila and Kino had fun eating their candy! They are funny little friends they either play so well together or they don't. Haha
Nora loves everyone so she didn't mind sharing her stroller with Jaxon. She loves her little buddy and candy.

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