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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Oak Glen

I love that I was able to spend some alone time with this cute girl. She challenges me constantly and I am not always up for it. My mom guilt sets in and I over react or some times I'm just down right rude. I hate when it gets the best of me. I just want this girl to always know how much I freaking love her and how amazing she is but sometimes she makes it really hard to show her. So when I get chances like this to be alone with her I take it. It's in these moments I can really talk with her and accept the challenges she gives me and use those moments to teach instead of react. 
This is field trip number 2!!! We went to Oak Glen.
The little farm we went to had fun animals which Lila absolutely loved! She thought it was pretty fantastic. This kid LOVES animals. 
She didn't enjoy feeding the chickens. It scared her. Not much scares this girl but I was proud that she did it anyways.
The kids also got to make apple cider. They enjoyed taking turns loading the apples and cranking the crank.
Helena was in my group as well. Helena doesn't like animals very much, but on this trip she pet the rabbit. I was super proud of her.

She is a pretty great kid and I'm grateful for all she teaches me.

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