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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Family Hike

On November 28 we took advantage of the beautiful weather and went for a family hike. I have this fear of having one of my littles being attacked by mountain lions. Perhaps it is because of all the warning signs they post around the hiking trains. It just feeds into my crazy. 
This is one of my favorite sights! Drew is such a great dad.
Lila really wanted a giant sycamore leaf but all of the sycamore trees were out of reach so Drew climbed out on the log to get one for her.
My main motivation for going on a hike when I was 38 weeks pregnant was to induce labor. It did not work! I still had fun though. 


Radfords said...

Drew really is a good dad! He would do anything for those kiddos! And same goes for you.... Plus, remember how rockin you looked prego?! Sheesh!
These hiking pictures have me aching for you guys and nice weather and hikes!!! Only in my dreams...

Drew and Alicia said...

That's why you should come visit me!!!